Hair requires permanent care. It is incessantly exposed to the destructive action of weather conditions, mechanical damages. As a result, it is getting weaker. Poor diet, stress, illnesses and pharmaceuticals – all these factors leave our strands in miserable condition.

Comprehensive and intensive regeneration is the only thing that can save your hair. It will nourish it inside and outside. Only then can you expect spectacular effects.

Jojoba oil will be a perfect remedy for those who are beginning their adventure with hair and oiling. Jojoba oil is versatile and suitable for various hair types. No matter if you have low or high porosity hair – jojoba will surely work.

What action does jojoba oil bring on hair? Why is it so special?

- Jojoba oil contains almost all vitamins which are necessary for the nutrition and conditioning of hair. Vitamin E and variety of group B vitamins are the most important ingredients responsible for healthy hair and scalp. They boost hair growth, prevent hair loss, condition the scalp and slow down ageing processes.

- Jojoba oil is the rich source of minerals: copper, zinc, selenium, chrome, iodine. The deficit of zinc causes excessive hair loss. Iodine is largely responsible for bounce and suppleness of hair as well as prevents brittleness. Copper prevents premature ageing and considerably strengthens even the weakest strands. Selenium alleviates irritation on the scalp whereas chrome makes hair and nails strong.

- Jojoba oil also contains squalane which is extremely valuable for our skin. It is an oily substance which occurs in our skin – to be more precise – in the sebum produced by the skin. Therefore, if our scalp is too oily or too dry, squalane will provide it with proper sebum level, regulating the functioning of sebaceous glands. What is more, squalane takes care of the condition of lipid layer on the skin. Thanks to this protective barrier, hair and epidermis will be resistant to damage and won’t lose water.

- Phytosterols, included in jojoba oil, provide antioxidant action i.e. hinder the development of free radicals. In other words, they watch over the processes in our skin and facilitate them. Moreover, they enhance the synthesis of collagen which is responsible for keeping skin and hair young. This results in beautiful, bouncy hair and healthy scalp.


Jojoba oil is a very delicate and natural product which doesn’t weigh the hair down, enhances processes in hair bulbs and on the scalp, protects hair. As one of the few oils, it regulates sebum production and fights off oily hair. It helps to get rid of dandruff and soothes the symptoms of psoriasis. It is suitable for conditioning the hair – it tames and smooths frizzy strands. What is more, the oil prevents hair loss.

Jojoba oil provides hair with comprehensive protection and care: dry, brittle as well as oily hair. This versatility makes it unique.